Lean Mass Gainer 25



Lean Mass Gainer 25

    Product Description:

    Essential lean mass combines protein pro – complex together with functional and carbohydrates parts and thus creates special mixture for maximal muscle mass growth and optimal regeneration.

    Essential Lean Mass 25 is suitable for various kinds of sports.

    Carbohydrates part:

    • Contains only maltodextrine of dextrose equivalent 19 which enables optimal re-synthesis of glycogen
    • Without fructose, sucrose or other fat-creating carbohydrates
    • minimum of lactose

    Protein part (pro-complex):

    • proteins with fast absorption
    • protein of central availability
    • anti-catabolite protein
    • without soya protein, collagen and other low quality proteins
    • only high quality sources

    Functional part:

    • L-glutamine 2000 mg
    • Micronized creatine monohydrate
    • MCT fats
    • Enzymes complex (bromelain/papain)


    60 – 90 g daily in two portions especially in the morning and after training.
    We recommend consultation with nutrition specialist.

    Average nutritional value in 100g:

    Energy value 1500 kJ/ 350 kcal
    Proteins 25 g
    Carbohydrates 65 g
    Fat 0,8 g

    Mineral values in 100 g:

    Calcium 11 mg
    Sodium 3,8 mg
    Kalium 0,1 mg
    Magnesium 1,2 mg


    Maltodextrin DE 19, optimal absorbtion pro-complex, micronized creatine, glutamine, MCT fat, xanthan, sucralose, enzymes bromelain and papain

    • for vanilla flavor: vanilla flavor, extract carthamus
    • for chocolate flavor: cocoa powder, chocolate flavor
    • for banana flavor: banana flavor, extract carthamus